Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Entries are closed! Rules, and who got in

I am going to list the rules of The Competition. If you have any problem with these rules, email me or comment. If you cannot be a part of this blog because of the rules for some reason, comment or email me. If you have a problem or can’t be a part of it, you must tell me the reason/s, and I’ll see if a change can be made. For this blog, for some challenges, you must keep in contact with others. I recommend email.
For several challenges, you will be in teams. The teams could range from six to two people, so be prepared. You will also be on your own for some challenges. For team challenges, you only have to submit one entry. You could choose one person to write it, or write it all together. Team entries must have all people in the writing. These can be from either first person, or third person. You could also do it from several people’s point of view, as long as they are characters. Teams can only be chosen by me. (FYI, a good reason to eliminate someone on your team would be because they are in an alliance, which isn’t illegal, but then you can’t trust them, or if they aren’t doing a good job)
You’re characters have no weapons or tools. They will not find weapons or tools on The Competition, so do not try and write about them. You can only have on character per person. No magic or other powers. Anything that happens to them is permanent, like an injury, so take that into consideration when writing.
For writing, the aim isn’t to finish the challenge first, the easiest way. The best writing, and the smartest way are what I’m looking for. Bad writing will get you a shot at elimination. All writing will be sent to me. You cannot include other people in your writing, unless it is teams or alliances. Writing can be funny, serious or anything, as long as anything they do isn’t impossible. For the first five challenges, if I find something done that is impossible to do (that includes defusing a bomb, beating up something dangerous or something else most adults can’t even do) then you get one warning. After the first five challenges, there will be no mercy 
Eliminations can vary.  They might be by me, if a choose a person that didn’t meet standards. They might be by the teams, a vote. They might be by everyone, in a vote. They might have to write something with the people who did the worst, a sort of tie breaker. Some challenges will not be elimination challenges. I may also make up more elimination challenges. Stay updated with the blog, there is a small chance that you may have a shot of getting back into the challenge after elimination. There is also an even smaller chance, but a chance still, that others, people who did not try out in the original entries may get in. But I wouldn’t count on it, that’s only if… ah, I won’t spoil it
Rewards may vary to weapons and tools, to immunity, to strengths of skills, to secrets of another competitor (very rare reward). The best writing will not always win rewards, but mostly will. You can give rewards to other competitors. There are also punishments besides elimination. Some rewards are individual rewards, some are team. Some are private, some are public.
Alliances are tricky. Alliances can be made with any competitor, even on another team. With alliances, you can do a number of things. You can give rewards, tell them of other people’s secrets, make arrangements of who to vote. You can also write an entry together, if it is an individual challenge. If it is alliance writing, you must include all characters in your alliance. You don’t have to do alliance writing if you’re in an alliance. If you’re part of an alliance, but not part of that alliance writing, people who write the alliance writing must put who isn’t doing alliance writing in the email, and people who are part of an alliance but not the alliance writing must say so in the email. I know it’s confusing. Alliances are made by yourself, on your own choices. You can email them. I recommend you keep the alliance secret, and don’t talk about it anywhere but email.
When you email entries to me, the subject is important. It must have the name of the blog (The Competition), the challenge number, and team name. You will be given team names, and you must write the team names. The team’s members don’t have to be in the subject, but have to be in the email, besides in the writing. If it is alliance writing, you must include alliance in the subject. The alliance members have to be in the email, besides the writing.
Any questions, email me under the subject- The Competition: Questions. All information rewards given, alliances, teams and such must be emailed to me. If you do not email me this information, you will be put to elimination or punished, and depending on others writing, actions and such, you may be eliminated straight away. If you give a reward, the person giving must tell me, and the person receiving must tell me when they’ve got the reward. In alliances, everyone in the alliance must email me to say they are in the alliance. Be warned, I will not put up the best writing most of the time, but I will with worst writing. Team or alliance writing that is the worst will be put to vote, or I will choose one or more people. If you want you alliance to stay secret, make sure your writing isn’t the worst.
Challenges will at least occur once every two weeks, unless I say different. You will be given at least three days the write your entry. Please email me if a rule doesn’t make sense. If you cannot complete a challenge, tell me in advance to the submission date. You must tell me your reason, and it must be a good one. If you do not complete a challenge, you will be up for elimination.
Maybe you noticed by now everything is done pretty much by email. That may change later in The Competition, and it will be done differently.
Okay, enough rules, let’s see who got in:

Sparky Braginski
Valkyrie V. Cain
Eve the ROCK (I just needed your full name, yokay)
Zathract Mist
Emerald Melody
Luciana Scath
Star Inkbright
Thrust Ominous
Dancing Fire
Adrasdos Dark
The Girl of Many Names
Phoenix Nightslayer (Flame)
Red Waterfall
Kallistra Pendragon
That Lakinson Guy
Selena Gasp
Zafira Kerias

That’s right, everyone got in. Any problems with anything, email me or comment. First challenge is on Saturday, my time (Australia). If you don’t tell me of any problems before then, I’ll treat you as if you’re in the challenge, and will get put up for elimination if you do not write your entry.
Be prepared people!


  1. This is nice :D
    Can't wait to get writing!

  2. 1. I shall fail.
    2. I cannot wait.
    3. I'm going to fail.
    4. The sparrow flies south for winter. *punches Nix*
    That's for...Uh...Er...HERE HAVE A CUPCAKE! *hands cupcake and smiles*

  3. Confusing rules. I shall learn or suffer the consequences.

    AND NO MORE EVE THE ROCK! It will be Eve Jay if anything!

    I look forward to it.

  4. Can't wait until.... Saturday... *dies* Wait. No. Wait- no. Wait. YEAH! Australia time is different than American time... it's ahead of us... SO I MAY GET THE COMPETITION CHALLENGE TOMORROW???????? 0.0


  5. Can't i just wing it as i go along. Sooooo many rules. (i didn't understand most, btw)

    But anyway.

    I'm going to kill you all. So, watch out.


  6. I will be the supreme winner of you all!