Thursday, 12 July 2012

End of Challenge One

So ends challenge one, with disappointing results. Eleven people made it to challenge two. Sparky, Mist, Star, Flame, Eve, Adrasdos, Emerald, Fire, Girl of Many Names, Kallistra, Selena and new competitor, Lavender made it in. I’ll discuss your entries in a minute. Valkyrie V. Cain, Luciana, Red Waterfall, That Lakinson Guy and Zafira, your time ends here. You did not give me your entries, and you will be eliminated. Pack your bags, leave and don’t darken this doorstep again. None of you even went to the trouble of emailing me and telling me you couldn’t be in the comp, like Thrust did. None of you will be coming back to the Competition, unless there is no one else available, and I need people. I’m disappointed.
To the rest of you, congratulations, you made it. Many of your entries were brilliant, and enjoyable to read. But there are a few things needed to be cleared up.
There are no magical abilities, no matter how small. Lavender, by navigation I thought you meant looking at the son, by the east and west thing, or looking the moss on rocks. Not feeling your way by magic. So, no more of that. Star, you cannot have Ink blood. In this, you are not people who were once magical; you are not your characters. You are you. Girl of Many Names, where do I begin? You had yourself defeating animals with punches. You knocked a bear around with two punches, and sent a wolf flying with one. You also had another competitor in your writing. You broke the rules, so this is your one and only warning. Do it again, and you may go up for elimination.
Emerald, no more compass. I gave you no compass. If I do at one point, that’ll be a good tool, especially in team challenges. Fire, no hot chocolate. Flame, I’ll actually let the buttons thing go down, because it made me laugh. Kal, your obsession with the one also made me laugh, but no, I did not snort out my drink. Gotta work harder than that. Mist, you Coward. Good work. Eve… Yo. Adrasdos, sorry about the dress. I won’t pay for it. Sparky, you stink. Good work. Selena, the tree will eventually move. I’d try running into it head first… yeah, that’ll help.
Girl of Many Names, yours was the worst. I would pick up your act. The winner of challenge one is Sparky, and the second by a hair is Mist. Sparky, you have won a prise. A rock, which can be a useful tool and weapon. The rock is the size of your fist. Mist, you have won a stick. The stick is as thick as your index finger and middle finger together, and is as long as from your elbow to wrist.
But we seem to be down a few people. For number reasons, I need one more person. Leave your email in this comment section, even if you’ve put your email in another post. Octa and Miss seem to be willing. But I only need one. So, one of you won’t get in. You’ll need to be able to give me an entry a lot, so you’ll need to be on a fair bit. I will not. If you can’t get on enough, I wouldn’t recommend trying out.
Oh, and something I forgot to mention before. I might email a small thing back to you sometimes, a reply to your challenge. Something that I don’t want everyone to know. I won’t do it all the time, but sometimes.
Challenge 2 shall be on Sunday. Be ready


  1. Yes!!! Lol I knew as soon as I wrote the compass in that it was not meant to be there. But bear in mind that I was rushing my writing and didn't think it through. That will not happen again.

    See you at challenge 2 on Sunday! :D

  2. Yay!!
    Ok. Note to self. No hot chocolate:P!!
    I still can't believe........ That I haven't got the worst writing! *gasp*!!

  3. Yo? That's the feedback I get? Was it really that bad?

  4. Yaaaay!

    *twirls stick and looks at Coward*
    *shakes head sadly*

    Imma ready for Challege 2!

  5. HAHA. I made you LAUGH... Yay. BUT... BUT... WHO CAME THIRD???

    There should be a third.


    *presses the blue button and the grey 'enter' button*

    *disapears with a poof*

  6. Wow, I'm in. And sorry about that... I was feeling a bit down that day and my writing slipped a lot, including my ability to remember the rules... Again, I'm very sorry. But thanks C: I'll try much harder on Sunday for Challenge two C:

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  9. My dress was WAS RUINED
    can't wait for the second challenge

  10. *receives rock*

    F*CK YEA!!!

    *dances around like nutter*