Wednesday, 12 September 2012


No, I have not read the entries yet.
I want to, but every time I even think about the competition I get really angry and depressed. So I just can't.
6 people left, if my memory's right.
I planned for at least ten at this point. At the very least. But I was thinking around 15.
That's over double...
I have no plans left. It's two challenges in, I haven't even eliminated anyone yet, and we've got 6 people.
Some people, like Thrust and Emerald, gavae me good reasons why they backed out. Most did not.
Why enter, if not going to compete? Val and Zaf said they probably wouldn't. Most did not.
There isn't even enough people for teams...
I tried. I really did. I planned for a long time, and really thought about it. I have no ideas left that are any good.
I did plan for six people at one point, before any of you say it. But other things were going to happen first.
I've got six people left.
I'm not giving up. I'm just trying to wait until I can think normally when I read the entries, read them, and try and think of something. But at the moment, I can't...


  1. *sighs*
    Take your time, Nix. I'm willing to help in any way I can, but it's probably against the rules.
    Hope you can pick this up.

  2. Hi, Nix. I would've entered right off, but my email was going all to pieces... Is there still a chance I can get in?

  3. Would you like it if we/I promoted The Comp? To get more people?
    Or would you just prefer to have time to think instead?

    1. It's too late for new people. Besides, they'll probably just do the same thing

  4. LOVE CHU NIX!!! *huggles* Just think a bit, and try not to overthink. If that makes sense... Don't rush genius thought!!!!!